Monday, March 29, 2010

Learning the hard way

Last Thursday in my rush and excitement to get some shooting in between my busy schedule, I got to the range, put out my target and blasted three rounds with my M4 carbine (new gas piston version mind you) and lo and behold I forget a very important piece of equipment- ear protection. After about 30 rounds, I realized I had ruptured my ear drum-ouch. You would think after 30+ years of shooting I would remember something that important. Which reminds me of something that we as Christians often forget, and that is applying the armor of God through prayer. We are in a fierce and desperate spiritual battle and God has provided us His armor and His chosen weapon the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). But how often do we step out into the fray forgetting these very implements that will keep us safe and win for us the battle? I would say more often than not- even those of us who have been walking with the Lord for 20,30,40+ years. Prayer and the Word of God: don't leave home without it! And if your going shooting bring your earplugs.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bob Larson: the real exorcist?

I used to listen to Bob Larson's radio show back in the 80s. I found it entertaining, and Larson seemed to be knowledgeable and had an uncanny way of reading people. The show degenerated to a constant plea for money and I quit listening. He has also authored some interesting books: Larson's Book of Cults, Satanism, the Seduction of America's Youth, etc. However, his detractors claim these where written by ghost writers; I don't know if this is true. What put him on my mind lately though is a new reality show on the SciFi Chanel called Possessed. Being a student of Biblical Demonology, I was intrigued by the trailer. He claims to be the real exorcist and goes around casting out demons. My problem with many of the deliverance ministries is that they focus on the devil and convince Christians they are possessed, something I don't believe the New Testament teaches. The other thing is they charge outrageous fees for their services- Larson is no exception, his website has a charge for everything. Glamor and Hollywood seem to me inconsistent with a "real exorcist". And a huge red flag popped up for me when I looked at Larson's doctrinal statement on his website, at first, it seemed very orthodox evangelical- that is until I read his statement on the resurrection. He states:"God raised Him from the dead body." What? Is he denying the bodily resurrection of Christ? If this statement stands as read, it does deny this important tenant of Christianity. I could not recommend Bob Larson's ministry on several points, but this takes the cake. Beware the "real exorcist".

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ho hum

I haven't posted in a long time thought it was about time...
My wife has me on a diet -counting calories. Unfortunately this week girl scout cookies were delivered, broke diet, though I do give God the glory for Thin Mints.

Today is a ho hum day. Even though there is lots going on: counseling appointments, visitation, etc., it is just one of those Mondays with the weather overcast and my secretary and the associate pastor out of the office, I feel very unmotivated. How do you turn a ho hum day into an exciting day? Spend time with God. This verse keeps coming to me: "Be still and know that I am God". Prayer, meditation and solitude with God seem to take a backseat with the hectic, busy lives we lead, but days like today remind us that we need to make those Christian disciplines a priority. In doing so, God is glorified and we are blessed, and the ho hum becomes the got something done. Next time don't wait for a day like today but make time alone with God an every day meeting.