Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missional Living

A new word has popped up in our theological vocabulary: missional. Some have claimed this was an invention of the emergent church and is associated with conformity to culture and liberal theology; however, the word missional was coined by Baptist theologian Elmer Towns years ago. What it means is living like a missionary where you are. Missional is an attitude that we are on mission for Christ whether we are going to a foreign country or going across the street. I think this is the kind of attitude that we need as our country takes on a new look and adopts a new culture. Let's face it the country that we grew up with is totally different than what it is today; even the culture has shifted to a post-christian world view, although remarkably 85% of people polled still claim Christianity. As missionaries to our culture, we need to adapt and be flexible in our approaches without compromising the truth of God's Word and the Gospel message. The missional person, family, church will look for new ways to reach people, will be constantly taking on the new norms while adopting the new culture. It sounds impossible but it is not. Missionaries have been doing it for years. "Being in the world but not of the world." When you get out today, think of yourself as a missionary in a foreign land, then see how God can use you as you live missionally.