Thursday, October 25, 2007


I just got back from the BCNM Convention in Albuquerque. It was very good; in fact, I wish that the SBC conventions were as fun. There was great music, challenging messages from Bobby Welch and Wayne Barber, and quick and easy business sessions.
The California fires were on everyone's mind, especially the disaster relief crews. The DR people are just waiting for the word to go. While I'm on the fires, I found it interesting that the fires broke out just after Gov. Schwarzenegger signed House Bill SB777. This bill prohibits any bias against homosexual, transgender or bi-sexual lifestyles in public schools. Kindergarten and up would learn about these practices and be taught that they are normal alternatives. Could the fires be a wake up call. Most westerners don't think God would do such things. I'm afraid our view of God is skewed. The Bible declairs that God is Holy! Holy! Holy! but we don't like to see God in this light. All we want to hear is grace, mercy, and love not sin, repentance, and righteousness. I thank God that He is rich in mercy, for I need His mercy more than any living person, but how can I see mercy untill I see my sin in light of a Holy and (dare I say) angry God. Go figure...

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