Monday, November 26, 2007


I do not like to talk about political campaigns from the pulpit, but I feel free to express my personal opinions in this open forum. God is not democrat or republican. God is sovriegn over all. It is He who establishes governments and likewise it is He who brings them down; all for His glorious purposes. However, we as American citizins should use our right to vote while we still can. That said I freely admit that I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God before I am an American. I have one King and one Lord who I am to obey and it is the Lord Jesus. So, when it comes to my vote I will not knowingly support anyone for office who is pro-abortion, I will not knowingly support anyone for office who is not a Christian (that is an evangelical, Bible believing, Christ-follower). If no candate fits my litmus test: I will not vote. Now some will say, you should support your party or at least support someone who has the same moral values. I say nuts! Enough of my rambling... suffice it to say that I am glad that God is in control. and Mike Huckabee can win if we will support him and if God wills it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

High Church Baptist?

Sunday evening I participated in an ecuminical thanksgiving service. I was asked to lead the responsive reading, and this I did from Psalm 118. We had a grand entrance, the congregation singing 'We Gather Together" and the respective clergy all processing in their finery. Not to be out done, I donned an alb and borrowed a stole. I think this is about the funniest thing one could see: a baptist in an alb and stole. Some might think that was a compromise of baptist principles or flirting with popish traditions; it was neither, I just like to dress up. It is part of my make-up, it is the way I was wired. Since I was a child, I dressed up: I had a costume for everything. If I was watching a war movie on the Saturday matinee, I would drag out my army suit and plastic tommy gun. If I were playing cowboys and indians in the backyard, I could select from my closet a cowboy hat, boots and capguns, or a feather headress and bow and arrow as the mood might suit me. Sundays at our house was a formal occassion. My mother believed in the saying, Sunday best". I was always dressed in a suit and tie, or nickers and a bow tie. I loved it. It has never changed: when I ride my motorcycle-leathers, when I go to my cousin's ranch-cowboy hat and boots, when I play the bagpipes- kilt, when I preach- sometimes a suit and tie, sometimes a frock coat, sometimes a zoot-suit, sometimes a button up shirt with blue jeans (which Christianity Today calls the new dress for the post-modern pastor), sometimes my doctoral gown and hood, and last Sunday evening an alb and stole. You can call me a high church baptist, you could call me crazy but just don't call me late for supper.