Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Problem with Page in the Trouble with Tulip, Part 1

I have just finished reading The Trouble With Tulip, by Dr. Frank Page. I must say that I am profoundly embarrassed that the best and the brightest the SBC has to offer seem to have lost their minds, as evidenced by this booklet from Dr. Page. The lack of good exegesis, sound logic, or solid historical research are apparent throughout this short treatise (which is astounding for someone who has a PhD). To boil it down the Trouble with Tulip has five fatal flaws. First, Dr. Page doesn't seem to understand the points in which he is trying to refute. Secondly, he espouses a universalist view of atonement; thirdly, he lacks a biblical understanding of faith. Fourth, Dr. Page's use of Acts 2:38 is misinterpreted. Fifth, and finally his acronym for grace is neither clear nor biblical. In the forthcoming critical review articles I will show the depth of these flaws and point out the scriptural, logical, and historical refutations of each.

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