Friday, April 25, 2008

Thoughts for the week

In celebration of Earth Day, I drove my Suburban!

What Language did Jesus speak? Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and Latin. He also speaks through the Bible in any language in which it is translated. He also speaks to our hearts in the language of Love!

In what language was the New Testament origanally written? Greek. There are no original manuscripts found in Hebrew or Aramaic.

The last two questions and answers are prompeted by a debate I had this week. I asumed this was common knowledge, but apparently not. I think we preachers sometimes assume that all Christians study as we do, but I'm afraid that much of what Christians learn is from television and pop-books. All the more reason to exalt the teaching ministry in our churches. Evangelical scholarship is our friend.

Witnessing to muslems? I found a great website that can help:

Finally, Joe Calzaghe beat Bernard Hopkins butt for the Light-Heavyweight belt. I don't know what fight the one judge who gave it to Hopkins by a point was watching, but it wasn't the same fight I was watching. The other two judges scored it correctly
116 to 111 and 115 to 112. I had it 9 rounds Calzaghe to 3 rounds for Hopkins. Hopkins didn't win the fight, but he deserved an accadamy award for his long break because of a "slight" low blow in the tenth round. He was gassed and needed a break.
Go Joe at 45-0.

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