Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Day

Rick Warren did a fine job with his prayer- in the Name of Jesus! He called us to higher standards of respect and civility, and he reminded all, especially the new president and the Washington power players, that we will stand one day before God. Amen, brother Rick!

Obama's speech raised a few red flags with me like when he mentioned a religious syncritism that sounded very one-worldish. Many may wonder why Christians get so uneasy concerning a one world philosophy. It is because the Bible speaks of a time where there will be a one world government with a one world religion and a one world currency that is from the Antichrist the one world leader and the power of the Dragon that is Satan (Rev. 13). We seem to be on a roller coaster ride toward that time. Christians need to get busy sharing the gospel like never before.

The end of Obama's speech was fantastic. He is a great speaker and the words were well crafted. I believe the ending will be as memorable as John F. Kenedy's inaguration speech, maybe not in the wording itself but certainly in the hope it inspired.

We shall find out a great deal about this new leader when he actually does something. But for now we can all bask in the pagentry and patriotism an inaguration brings.

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Dr. Mike Kear said...

I thought Rick Warren did a great job on his prayer, too, Bob. You know, I've never read anything by Warren and I really don't know much about him. I do know there are a lot of people who dislike him. But, judging by his book sales, there must also be a lot of people who like him just fine! His prayer was good, heart-felt, and in Jesus' name. Somebody said that those who have judged Warren harshly about his prayer should remember that he wasn't talking to them, but to God. That's a pretty good point.