Friday, March 12, 2010

Bob Larson: the real exorcist?

I used to listen to Bob Larson's radio show back in the 80s. I found it entertaining, and Larson seemed to be knowledgeable and had an uncanny way of reading people. The show degenerated to a constant plea for money and I quit listening. He has also authored some interesting books: Larson's Book of Cults, Satanism, the Seduction of America's Youth, etc. However, his detractors claim these where written by ghost writers; I don't know if this is true. What put him on my mind lately though is a new reality show on the SciFi Chanel called Possessed. Being a student of Biblical Demonology, I was intrigued by the trailer. He claims to be the real exorcist and goes around casting out demons. My problem with many of the deliverance ministries is that they focus on the devil and convince Christians they are possessed, something I don't believe the New Testament teaches. The other thing is they charge outrageous fees for their services- Larson is no exception, his website has a charge for everything. Glamor and Hollywood seem to me inconsistent with a "real exorcist". And a huge red flag popped up for me when I looked at Larson's doctrinal statement on his website, at first, it seemed very orthodox evangelical- that is until I read his statement on the resurrection. He states:"God raised Him from the dead body." What? Is he denying the bodily resurrection of Christ? If this statement stands as read, it does deny this important tenant of Christianity. I could not recommend Bob Larson's ministry on several points, but this takes the cake. Beware the "real exorcist".


Dr. Michael Kear said...
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Dr. Michael Kear said...

Very interesting, Dr. Farmer! Thanks for this post. I also was a regular listener to Larson's radio show back in the day. But he seems to have become something more of a showman in recent years, which causes me some major doubts. I believe in the existence of demonic spirits, but in the New Testament we never see Jesus or the apostles making a side-show out of deliverance. Or charging money.

That point about Larson's view on the resurrection is astonishing. It sounds like the old liberal theology raising it's ugly head.

Keep writing, bro!

Pastor Bob Farmer said...

I too believe in the reality of demons and demonic possession, however, I am in agreement with you, Dr. Mike, about not making it a circus side show. I believe there were some Jewish exorcists in Acts chapter 19 that got the hell beat out of them as they were traveling around looking for demons. Even the word exorcist doesn't reflect the Christian perspective because "exorcist" means "one who employs a formula of conjuration for the expulsion of demons. Rather, Luke 10:17 states, "Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name." Amen!

Anonymous said...

Very astute observations. Larson is no more an exorcist than a mechanic is a heart surgeon.

LovelyMulatto said...

Christians can't be demon possessed. I doubt Bob larson is for real.

I know demon posession & exorcism are are real, but the word of God compares being spirit filled with wine in a wineskin. If the skin is already filled, nothing else can be added to it without it being ruined. You would have to empty the wineskin out completely before you could fill it with anything else.

Since the word also says that we are filled with the Holy Ghost & SEALED unto the day of redemption, I don't get how a Christian could then become demon posessed unless the Holy Ghost left them.

Basically, I think he's a HIGHLY PAID apostate and new age cult leader who uses scare tactics to get Christians to tithe into his ministry of heresy!

You certainly can't put a price on the anointing! Jesus told the disciples, FREELY YOU HAVE RECEIVED, SO FREELY GIVE. Who ever heard of charging for an exorcism? And the exorcised? Well paid actors. Nothing more. What a shame!